Names of Allah

Everyone is searching for love.
Forgetting the One who is above.
Al-Wadud is the Most Loving,
Al-Malik, sovereign of the day of reckoning.

We try to fill this void in our heart
That can only be filled with the remembrance of Allah.
If only we would seek forgiveness in Al-Ghaffar,
And trust the Most Powerful, Al-Qahhar.

Some of us search for happiness,
Hoping it will fill our emptiness.
All we need to do is turn to As-Salam
the Source of Peace, the Lord of Abraham.

We seek answers in those who are just like us,
And we fail to turn to the One, the Only, Al-Ahad.
He is also Ar-Razzaq, the Ever Providing
Ask from Him when you feel your world colliding

How do I expect to receive His Infinite Mercy
When I struggle to forgive those who hurt me
My Lord is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem.
How could I not trust the All Knowing, Al-Alim.

Al-Khaliq knows the nature of His creation,
Should we not worship Him in appreciation
For granting us security, Al-Mu’min
The Guardian, the Protector, Al-Muhaymin

Should we not be grateful to the Bestower, Al-Wahhab.
He knows all that you have.
And despite seeing all that you do,
If you want to be pardoned, just ask Al-Afuww.

Turn to Him

If the angel of death at this instant
Took your soul into the distance
Would you be happy with the life you led
Or would you want to change it instead?

Would you be happy with the decisions you made?
Or do your decisions make you afraid
Of the questioning that will happen in your grave?
Now you wish you had behaved.

Why do we waste so much time
Putting effort into a life that is only a sign
A test for you and me
My friend, you cannot flee
From the angel of death
Was it worth giving in to our nafs?

We say we will start tomorrow
But that day may never show
None of us are guaranteed the next second
Yet we plan for the next decade and,
Do you not think that you will die?
It is the only thing guaranteed in this life.

So whatever is making you sin
Remove from your life this thing
It is not worth being the reason
For your hereafter to be in prison

Turn to the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving
For only He can add quality to this life you’re living. 


She built a wall. 

She wouldn’t let anyone knock them down, not at all.

She thought this would sheild her

From all the harm that was to occur.

She thought this was protection 

Not letting anyone give her affection.

She thought this would save her from heart ache 

But no one gave her a break.

She lived by the saying that went something like this 

‘The best way to not get your heart broken is to pretend like you don’t have one.’


So she lived her life acting like she didn’t have a heart, 

In most cases, she convinced herself that this indeed worked. Thinking she played it smart. 

She pretended that she didn’t have feelings, 

Convinced that this would stop the bleeding.

Then one day, she started to take her religion seriously, 

The religion of peace which people wonder about so curiously. 

She realised that to be in this completely,

She would have to have a heart that was soft and gentle, not so discreetly.

Now she needed to be careful, and speak kindly to people,

Regardless of her frustration, she had to keep it peaceful. 




Her heart was ice cold

At least that’s she told. 

She believed that putting on that persona meant no more pain

And that pretending to be heartless would keep her sane.

At this point, she had been through so much already, 

She just wanted her life to be steady. 

So please stop asking her to let her guard down, 

Cause that’s what made her breakdown.

She will be sure to keep those walls up

Until she feels that she can trust you enough.

The most dreadful phone call

When I answered the phone, 

I don’t recall ever feeling more alone. 

My mother’s voice on the end, 

“Your dad just passed away” she said. 

I walked into my room, pacing in the dark. 

‘How could this be?’ to myself I asked.

It was like nothing I ever felt; empty and hollow. 

Why did this happen, I never felt so much sorrow. 

And then if things couldn’t get worse,

My younger siblings asked me what felt like the most dreaded question in the universe.

“Did dad die” they said

These words I will never forget. 

The look on their innocent face,  

From my mind I can never erase. 

So much pain, so much worry, 

I was told to lie to them “no don’t be stupid” I felt so sorry

For the pain that was about to come, 

Was only the beginning, especially for my mum.

After that day, the house was filled with family and friends, 

Promising that they would be there till the end.

I think that’s the thing that made me grow up so quickly 

Empty promises that were made insincerely. 

From a young age I knew, 

Life was not easy. Why? I had no clue

Was it because nobody kept their promise? 

Why couldn’t they just be honest? 

Don’t lie to a child,

They will always remember the betrayal that made them feel exiled

Cut off from the world, feeling hopeless and tired. 

I was thirteen when my life took a turn, 

That’s when I knew I had to be more firm.

To protect myself and my family, 

Everything happened so rapidly. 

But more distress was still to come.

Then the funeral arrived, how I felt so numb. 

Now you lay there dear father, 

I miss you more, every year it gets harder. 

May your grave be filled with light, 

I pray to God that we will reunite

In the best place off all, 

Created by God Himself, named Janat al Firdaws. 

-This is the vague but true story of what happened when I found out my father passed away. I don’t think I’ve shared it more than a few people before as its quite personal. But I’m kind of anonymous here, so it’s a good way to get things out of system. Thanks for reading ūüíô

Prove them wrong 

They told her “you can’t do it on your own” 

“Watch me” she said, with a confident tone. 

She knew she had to prove them wrong, even if it meant they would no longer get along. 

So that’s what she did, she made the decision to move on and make a living. 

They stared and wondered how she did it with such precision. 

How could a once lost young girl pick herself up so neatly? 

Dust herself off and continue as if it was so easy? 

They were confused, “But how did she?” 

She said, “I told you, not to underestimate me” 


‚ÄčWhen I think about my life oh deary,

I must have kept the angel on my left shoulder so busy.
Oh angel, how did you not tire of writing my sins?
Until I repented, and a new way of life for me begins?
There were many, and they were not small.
But before I return to you ya Rabb, I ask your forgiveness from them all.
Even the ones that I am not able to recall.
I was so foolish, I can no longer stall.
Repent oh dear friend,
For this life will verily end.
Repent in the darkness of the night
To save yourself from a punishment heavy in might
Repent in the lightness of the day,
For you will not know when your time is underway.
Repent Again in the darkness of the night,
For you do not know when the angel will come to you with light. 

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

She didn’t feel pretty. Or beautiful. Because that’s what society told her. 

Then she remembered that someone once told her; ‘true beauty lies within.’

‘If you look beautiful but you’re ugly on the inside, then are you still beautiful?’ She thought to herself. 

Then she remembered reading that God doesn’t look at your outer beauty, rather He is only interested in your inner beauty. 

And what’s beauty anyway? 

‘Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?’

But wait, society taught her that beauty is on the outside, and that if you’re not ‘beautiful’ then you should fix that. 

And they had all the ‘remedies’ to help you get there. 

From the eyebrow plucking to the eyelash curlers. From the over priced foundation to the deadly waist trainers. 

She picked up the magazine she bought that week and flicked through the pages. ‘How contradictory’, she thought. 

On page 9 there is an article about loving and embracing who you are, regardless of your ‘flaws’. 

However, on page 15, 17, 18.

She stopped counting. 

Because every page after that was a product that marketed the exact opposite. 

And if it weren’t a product, it was an article about natural ways to get rid of all those flaws. 

So which is it? 

Why the mixed messages? 

Why do we keep pretending that these messages aren’t harming us and our youth? 

Why do we keep fooling ourselves to believe that these things are harmless?

Because I tell you, many young girls have been left depressed. And that is due to the very fact that they don’t look like the girl in the magazine. 

But how could you possibly look like that air brushed, photo shopped, edited, ‘perfect’ woman. 

How many females have committed suicide because they didn’t think that they fit into society’s idea of beautiful? 

And how many more have to die before we realise that this, in fact, is far more serious than any of us ever comprehended? 

We need to teach our women, young and old, to love themselves. To accept and embrace who they are. Teach them that true beauty really is on the inside. 

Teach them this. Even though it does not stop this harsh world from judging and making fun of their physical appearance.

You may be mocked for wearing your hair a little different. You may be mocked for not showing your hair at all. 

The pretty girls may laugh at you.

But if you respond with kindness and humility, to that and to everything else, and you don’t allow it to make you harsh and bitter,

then who is the one that is truly beautiful? 


One last time.

Our body is an amanah (trust).

Those ears you use to listen to music, something that Allah (SWT) has made impermissible- a deaf mu’min would kill to hear the recitation of the Qur’an just one more time.

These eyes that we use to look at impermissible things, a blind person would kill just to see the creation of Allah one more time.

This mouth we use to curse and backbite from, a speech impaired person would love nothing more than to say the words of Allah out loud one last time.

These feet that we use to take us to places that Allah has forbidden for us to go, a person with no legs would give up everything he has just to walk to the Masjid one more time.

These hands we use to write destructive things online with, someone with no hands would love nothing more than to be able to lift his hands to make du’a to Allah (SWT) and hold the noble Qur’an in his hands just one more time.

All this food and drink we excessively fill our stomachs with, many poor children and adults all over the world would kill to have just one bite.

The time that we so often waste- so many people in their graves would do anything just to come back to the dunya for ONE minute to prostrate to Allah (SWT).

Our body is an amanah, out time on this earth is so limited. Let’s think about less fortunate when we are doing things we’re not supposed to be doing. We will be asked about these things when we meet our Lord, are we prepared?

The Prophet (SAW) said:¬†‚ÄĚTake advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth before you become old; your health, before you fall sick; your wealth, before you become poor; your free time before you become preoccupied, and your life, before your death.‚Ä̬†(Narrated by Ibn Abbas in the Mustadrak of Hakim & Musnad Imam Ahmad. Sahih)

The lonely rose in my garden

She stood alone in the rain

Cold, wet, feeling unbearable pain

She looked up at the beauty of the sky

Then she remembered why

Why she was here

It was all made clear

She remembered why she was created

To worship her Lord unassociated

She no longer felt she was in an empty space

Being alone she could now embrace