Hospital bed

Seeing you like this,

So hard.

I’m struggling to write,

No matter how much I try

I cannot put into words,

How much it hurts.

I can only pray that things get better,

But it’ll take time, patience and never

To lose hope.

If my Lord, the all Powerful, Al-Jabbar

Can send his messenger far

From Masjid Al Haram to Masjid Al Aqsa

Through the heavens and back to Makkah

Then He can surely cure you if He wills.

And if my Lord the Most Merciful,

Can grant His servant Zakariah

Whose bones were weak and frail

Grant him a child when he asked for a successor

Even though his wife was barren,

By the Will of my Lord, anything can happen.

And how about when our mother Maryam

Had a baby without a man

Her son became one of the most noble

Prophets to walk this globe.

So do not despair

Allah will take care of your affairs.

And for Musa, He split the sea in two,

If only you knew

Maybe your health will be restored

And it is easy for My Lord

To simply say “Be” and it is.

There is nothing He cannot fix.

~Seeing my grandpa in the hospital the way he is, he’s not himself. He’s usually so strong and tough. Now he’s weak, sore, and struggles to move. He usually has a very loud voice, and now we can barely hear him due the cords damaging his insides. He’s hallucinating due to the stroke, explaining events that never took place. The pain to see him like that is one thing, but to see my grandmother upset and hurting is a whole nother story. It just reminds you how temporary this life is. SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Please keep him in your duas as well as all the other sick people in the hospital and at home. May Allah swt heal all the sick and grant their families Sabrun jameel. Ameen.


11 thoughts on “Hospital bed

  1. bilalsidiki says:

    May Allah SWT bless him with health if it’s best for him and if not then grants him a glorious farewell so that angels are standing by him all the time, and Allah yearns to meet him and smile when he finally meets his Creator. May he be handed the book of deeds in his right hand just like both the families of you and I, and may he be with the righteous ever smiling and graceful. Ameen.

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