Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

She didn’t feel pretty. Or beautiful. Because that’s what society told her. 

Then she remembered that someone once told her; ‘true beauty lies within.’

‘If you look beautiful but you’re ugly on the inside, then are you still beautiful?’ She thought to herself. 

Then she remembered reading that God doesn’t look at your outer beauty, rather He is only interested in your inner beauty. 

And what’s beauty anyway? 

‘Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?’

But wait, society taught her that beauty is on the outside, and that if you’re not ‘beautiful’ then you should fix that. 

And they had all the ‘remedies’ to help you get there. 

From the eyebrow plucking to the eyelash curlers. From the over priced foundation to the deadly waist trainers. 

She picked up the magazine she bought that week and flicked through the pages. ‘How contradictory’, she thought. 

On page 9 there is an article about loving and embracing who you are, regardless of your ‘flaws’. 

However, on page 15, 17, 18.

She stopped counting. 

Because every page after that was a product that marketed the exact opposite. 

And if it weren’t a product, it was an article about natural ways to get rid of all those flaws. 

So which is it? 

Why the mixed messages? 

Why do we keep pretending that these messages aren’t harming us and our youth? 

Why do we keep fooling ourselves to believe that these things are harmless?

Because I tell you, many young girls have been left depressed. And that is due to the very fact that they don’t look like the girl in the magazine. 

But how could you possibly look like that air brushed, photo shopped, edited, ‘perfect’ woman. 

How many females have committed suicide because they didn’t think that they fit into society’s idea of beautiful? 

And how many more have to die before we realise that this, in fact, is far more serious than any of us ever comprehended? 

We need to teach our women, young and old, to love themselves. To accept and embrace who they are. Teach them that true beauty really is on the inside. 

Teach them this. Even though it does not stop this harsh world from judging and making fun of their physical appearance.

You may be mocked for wearing your hair a little different. You may be mocked for not showing your hair at all. 

The pretty girls may laugh at you.

But if you respond with kindness and humility, to that and to everything else, and you don’t allow it to make you harsh and bitter,

then who is the one that is truly beautiful? 



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