If only our sisters focused on their Deen and their internal features as much or instead of their physical features. These days it’s all about who is wearing which brand makeup, whose contour and eyebrows is ‘on point’. It’s about who has the best body, and now we even have waist trainers so that our body may appeal to certain people. It hurts my head to see these young beautiful sisters waste so much time, effort and money on products that are there just to make them look ‘good’ in an effort to be accepted by society. I mean, let’s look at it from a non Islamic perspective for a moment; Young women often try fitting into society’s beauty standards- well, society’s corrupt idea of beauty anyway. Young women all over the world commit suicide because they don’t consider themselves ‘beautiful’. Far too many young women face mental health issues and depression because they don’t get the job they want due to not looking a certain way. 

We are told that being a certain weight is ugly- yes there are health issues behind that, no doubt, I’m not advocating that. But it doesn’t mean that all ‘skinny’ people are healthy. And not all chubby people are unhealthy. Fair enough if that’s the message they were portraying.. But does society promote health? No, they only promote physical ‘beauty’. 
What even is beauty and who gets to define it?! For me personally, a beautiful person is kind, generous, compassionate, forgiving, thoughtful, and sympathetic. A beautiful person is someone who is helpful and friendly. A beautiful person should not be defined by what they look like. 

Let’s take it back to Islam, a beautiful person is all of those aforementioned attributes and more. A beautiful person in Islam, is also someone who trusts and obeys God. Who strives to be a better Muslim everyday. Think about it, we waste so much time in front of the mirror trying to look ‘nice’ with 3 layers of foundation, fake eyelashes, and plucked eyebrow hair that Allah has blessed us with. We are so carried away with looking good, that we forget to work on improving our inner selves and our spirituality. And let’s just put aside, that of course a Muslim woman shouldn’t be beautifying herself where non Mahram men can see her… We forget that one day, we are going to be met by an Angel, who will take our soul away, and we will be alone in that grave- with no makeup, no phone, no nothing. The people we tried so much to impress will not be there to save us. Our physical self that we worked so hard on rots within a few days or weeks, SubhanAllah. This may sound harsh, but it’s reality. We are going to wait in that grave far longer than we lived on this earth. Inna lillayhi wa Inna lillayhi raji’oon. May Allah make us of those who strive everyday to be a better Muslim, may He only take us away when He is pleased with us, Ameen. 


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