Embrace the now

It’s funny looking at old photos, you think “Wow I used to have so much fun” and “life wasn’t as complicated”. And sometimes we dwell on the bad decisions we made, the wrong people we let into our lives. We think about how careless we used to be, and how sometimes that was a good thing. We think about all the things we could have spent time doing, and all the time and effort we put into meaningless relationships and jobs that never worked out. And sometimes we’re scared and worried about what the future will bring. 

And this is our problem. We’re either dwelling on the past was and how anxious we are for the time that hasn’t reached us yet. We’re not living in the moment, and we need to. As hard as it is, let go of the past, nothing can bring it back. All the people we’ve met, crossed our path for a reason, some of them stayed, but most of them are lessons that we’ve learnt from. As long as you have sincerely repented and keep repenting for the bad you’ve done, leave it in the hands of Allah SWT, there’s no need to worry so much that it consumes you. As for the future, it is planned by the Best of planners. It is written by the Most Merciful, the All Forgiving. Stop worrying, live in the moment. Live to build your house in Jannah, forget the luxuries of this Dunya. It doesn’t last, it doesn’t bring you peace. Remember your purpose, worship Allah SWT as much as you can. We don’t know when our last day is, so make the most of the time you have. 


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