Death can be beautiful

It’s not surprising that most people view death as a negative thing. It can be. Personally, I believe it depends on the state that an individual dies. This morning, I read about a young woman die in her sleep just a few days ago. She ate suhur, prayed fajr and went to bed with her mum. Smiling as she drifted off back to her Lord. Yes she was young, just 23, but how at ease would her family be knowing she prayed her last prayer and died obeying Allah SWT. To me, that’s beautiful. And it got me thinking… We are on this earth for such a short period of time. To do one thing. Worship the One who created you and I. Yet so many of us fail to do so. With the last week of the most blessed month upon us, don’t let it go to waste. We are always so busy planning for our future, getting every detail correct. But who promised us tomorrow? Don’t live your life in disbelief, leaving your family mourning not only your absence, but the fact that you chose to disobey your Lord. Don’t leave them to cry every night wondering if The Most Merciful will bestow His Mercy upon you, after you disobeyed Him over and over again.

The ONLY thing promised to us in this life is the very thing we’re trying to run away from. How ironic. The first question we will be asked is Salah. Don’t make it the last thing on your mind. Establish the prayer. Guard it, protect it. Own it. Use it to get closer to your Lord. Without it we will be of the losers on the day of judgement. Don’t think that you can die with la illaha illalah on your tongue without having practiced it. Death can be beautiful if you truly want it to be.