As I was about to get annoyed by the 40th or so sneeze for the day, I stopped myself. And I thought of the refugees that are out there suffering. And so I said Alhamdullilah again for 42nd time today. And it made me think, It’s so easy to forget the countless blessings we have been given.

While we are here in our comfortable beds, there are millions of people over the world that are hungry, homeless, drug effected, that are in physical and emotional pain that we have been lucky enough not to experience. There are currently people out there that have fled their homes and are on overcrowded boats trying to get to safety. The things we take for granted.

There are people out there that are jobless and would do anything for $5, for clean drinking water, for a good nutritious meal. Yet here we are wasting water, complaining about our jobs and that our food is too cold or doesn’t have enough salt. The list goes on.

Complaining that our phones aren’t working properly or isn’t doing what we thought it would do. Put your first world problems aside once and for all and help out someone in need. When a situation breaks out, you often see Christians standing up for their people, Muslims standing up for their own people, Blacks standing up for themselves, etc. (Not every case obviously) What happened to humanity? We may come from different places, have different beliefs, ideas, feelings. That’s what makes us unique individuals. But we all have the same color blood and heart, shouldn’t that be enough? We are all humans, yet some animals have more compassion than us. Where is the love? ūüé∂

P.s. I’m not actually counting my sneezes..


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