Refusal of oppression

I must admit, in the first week or so I had doubts as to whether I made the right decision or not. I knew I did deep down, but something was trying to make me to feel otherwise. I thought it would take longer for me to get used to it (even though I wore it when I was younger), but it didn’t. Hamdullah, I never thought I’d find peace in wearing the hijab. People look at you as though you are oppressed. If only they knew opression is falling for the lies and being slaves to society’s standards. Dressing modestly is not opression, dressing half naked is. Not being able to walk out of the house without making sure that you’ll turn enough heads is oppression. Why? Because you have fallen into the traps of the media and the so called role models that don’t have self respect. The ones that have all their blemishes and ‘imperfections’ removed by photoshop by the very people making money off the half naked women. And unfortunately people fall for this and aim to be like that when it’s not even real, it’s make believe (but that’s another story).

So, here’s my message to society. Screw you and your ‘beauty’ standards. With this hijab, I refuse to be judged by my physical appearance. I refuse to share my body with the rest of the world. I refuse to be oppressed. I demand respect. I demand to be spoken to with sincerity. I demand that my level of worth is not based on outter beauty but by intelligence, loyalty, and integrity.

I think I speak of behalf of all sisters when I say that for me, the scarf on my head means that I am out of bounds, meaning that a male should not look at me and think that I can be taken advantage of or that I am ‘up for grabs’. It should match your clothing, making a statement of unavailability to the mans eye and mind.

Sisters, take pride in your hijab. The first way to do that is to make sure your clothes complete/compliment what’s on your head. In shaa Allah, we can dress as modestly as possible. The second thing is to have remembrance of Allah. I say this because if I hadn’t kept on listening to lectures, particularly about hijab then I wouldn’t be in the state of peace that I am right now. I would be very confused as to why I put it on and kept on having doubts, because that is the trick of shaytaan. Just remember that imaan rises and falls, but remembrance is key. Assalamu Alaykum.


2 thoughts on “Refusal of oppression

  1. muslimah ' s mind says:

    asalam aleikum,
    I wount lie…you wrote about something I battle with almost daily.i used to go without hijab but when I started wearing it…things changed.i started questioning my moves.
    Actually. ..when you start getting close to Allah s.w.t is when you get tested. ..
    insha’Allah will get there with ease…
    Am touched by your article.
    May Allah get you and I and others with this kinda problem to do it with ease and insha’Allah get rewards for it.


    • loveforhijab says:

      Alaykum Salam sister, it is definately something we’re not battling alone. I’m sure many sisters deal with these kinds of insecurities and questions daily due to the kind of images and expectations we are bombarded with in society. May Allah guide us all, and keep us steadfast on this deen. Ameen.

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