A day in the life of a hijabi

“Would. You. Like. A. Bag?”

Breaking the sentence up and speaking loudly as if I were half deaf, making the automatic assumption that I don’t speak English.

Surprised as I responded in a manner more articulate than you could have imagined.

The same face expression I received upon arriving at an all white cafĂ©, as if to say I don’t belong.

Like the time when I made my way to my car, upon arrival I saw a lady blocking my door,

For some reason I felt the need to apologize twice and thank her when she moved..

All in an effort for her to think good of me as a clear representative of this religion.

As if it were my fault, she glared at me in recognition of my apology.

Since when did I ever apologize for something I had no fault in..

Constantly feeling like I need to prove my genuinity to the world around me.

This was no different to the time when I was harassed at the train station for wearing my hijab.

Denied the right to access a library.

My photo vandalized in public because I proudly wore this piece of cloth.

Called backwards, a terrorist, and other words too horrific to even repeat.

Turned down from a job application simply because of the difference in my outward appearance.

But you didn’t give me a chance to show you what is going on in my head.

You made a decision based on what is on my head, rather than my intelligence.

You didn’t take into account the skills and experience listed on my resume, which I achieved before I decided to wear the hijab.

In a world where our outward manifestation supposedly explains all, be different. Get to know someone beneath the surface. #peeltheonion


-Welcome to the first of my ‘day in the life’ series. I haven’t posted in a while, but this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Look out for future posts.

P.s. -These experiences aren’t mine alone. But I plan on doing another hijabi one, feel free to share your experiences and any feedback would be great đź’•

Hijab: off.

This precious piece of cloth.

You decided to take off.

I saw you at the Masjid

You were praying just like me

Eyes lit up as we spoke about our deen

So I can’t help but wonder what made you settle for this..

Was it the way I looked at you?

Was it because I didn’t take your hand and show you through

What prompted you my dearest sister.

Did someone disturb your peace,

Or did you feel unworthy?

It might be a little too late,

But allow me to shed some light.

Do you remember the times you were sick and He healed you

Do you recall the time when you felt lost and He guided you

How about the time when you felt helpless and He showed you the way.

No request is ever too big for the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Just ask, like you did before and He will give more than you and I deserve.


This is just your test,

And maybe it is also mine.

This Ummah is like one body,

What afflicts you also has me in distress.

Maybe that’s what was missing,

We didn’t help you heal

Or attempt to sooth your pain

Maybe we gave you the bandaid solution.

And now the wound has resurfaced

And the scars remain.


Dont ever get attached

Dont ever get attached

Dont ever get attached.

Is what I would tell myself. Because its happened before and my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

Like a mosaic piece, it took forever to glue back together.

Now I sit here. Waiting for you to come back.


Dua’s that changed the world

Just as I was pondering upon the last few days and how Allah swt accepted my duas, I came across an email by Yasir Qadhi. An email that titled “Duas that changed the world”.

To be honest, I skip a lot of emails, ‘I’ll read them later’ I tell myself… Often forgetting about it completely, or giving up because it’s too long.

However, this email couldn’t wait, I absolutely love hearing ‘miracle’ stories and the power of dua.

I find myself speechless at this very point… All I can say is I can’t even thank Allah swt for one answered dua if I tried my whole life to. How He handles our affairs is beyond amazing.

It got me thinking how little I worship Him in return.

As you will find in the pdf, it just shows our weakness as human beings and Allah swt’s Mercy and Perfection.

Please have a read, short but powerful.

Click here to read “Duas That Changed the World”

Answered duas

Have you ever made dua for something that eventually happened, but better than you would have ever thought or imagined..


We say Allah is the best of planners, but we don’t truly understand this until we experience something like this ourselves.

Oh Allah, if I tried a life time to thank you for what I perceive as my worst day, I would not able to thank you, not even the slightest bit. Not even for one bad day.

And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (16:18)

I just think about the times of desperation that I went through. When I begged Allah swt on the prayer mat. I remember how hopeless and helpless I felt. And I think now about how I was worried for nothing because what I was praying for- I received, and in better ways that I could ever imagine. But if I knew the answer to my dua was going to turn out the way it did, perhaps I wouldn’t have learnt the lesson that I did. Perhaps I wouldn’t have had a conversation with my Lord. Perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate what I eventually got.

There is a wisdom in everything. It’s hard to see it, in fact, it’s almost impossible to see it when you’re in need of something so desperately. But, wait. Just wait until whatever you’re praying for is answered. There’s a reason it’s being delayed. A reason beyond what your mind can comprehend.

Then when you get it, you will understand why it took so long. Just wait and see.

Sabr ❤

Deeply wounded

They say time heals all

But sometimes it hurts.

The day is fast approaching

And all I can think about is you.

As I leave the house that was once my home

To embark on this new journey

To start my own family

All I can think about is you.

As I leave the comfort I’ve always known,

Into a house of my very own

With a man I hold dear to my heart

All I can think about is you.

– The absence of the first man I ever loved on my wedding day, baba.


Who am I you ask. 

But you answered your own question. 

Someone who has built sturdy walls to keep out the pain. 

Walls I have worked tiresly to build. 

But one by one you’re tearing them down

As if that’s what you were sent for. 

Do I hate it? 

Surprisingly not. 

I am lost for words because you have given me something I never thought I would have. 

Just like the hadith where we are told if we enter Jannah, we will forget all of our worldly hardships. 

Being with you is similar to that. 

Like my heaven on earth, 

You make me forget the times I didn’t want to live 

Because life was tough. 

But now you are here, 

And that’s enough. 

So be patient with me, 

It takes a while for me to open up

As much as I want to tell you everything, 

Sometimes the words don’t come out. 

Against the grain

Sometimes in life, people will push you to do something you don’t want to do. If this thing goes against your morals, faith or values, don’t compromise. Ever. 

It does not matter if this person is your family member, your boss, your lifelong friend- do not compromise. 

People may argue all they like that compromise means maturity over ego, and it means respect etc. Yes, sometimes, but sometimes it’s not. 

Here’s what I do know.

– Compromising against your values means you lose who you truly are. And you are nothing without your values. 

– If you compromise your faith just to fit in to societal norms, you will lose your identity. Set the example. Go against the grain. 

– When you aim to please people in order to gain acceptance, you lose your self worth. 

– Compromise is not always necessary. Your principals should never, ever be compromised.

And I shall leave you with this, “The irony of compromising your morals to please others is that eventually even they will stop respecting you for having wear resolve”. – Saad Tasleem. 

Once a stranger 

There you were. 

Strange as a stranger can be. 

Our souls must have met previously, 

For me to be full of certainty

That you will be the one

I will spend my days and my nights with

In happiness 

And in pain. 

Show me you will be there

Through struggles and despair

And I will do everything I can

To make you the happiest man.