All or nothing?! 

“If you’re not going to wear the hijab properly then don’t wear it at all!” 


Hold on. That’s a HUGE thing to say. 

I overheard a conversation earlier about a lady who was saying just that. And that sisters should take off their hijab if they’re not going to wear it properly, and put it back on once they’re ready. 

I understand a part of that, obviously we should wear it properly. But the above mindest does not work- especially with our youth today- and especially living in a western country. 

I understand the origin of that thought 100%. I used to think the same way. But it’s not healthy, for you or me. 

I’m not here to defend immodest dress.

However, here are some repercussions of portraying this mindset to the community.

– Immorality leads to further immorality. If we are telling sisters to take off their hijab for not wearing it correctly- and they take on that advice because of us.. Imagine that once they take it off, they stop praying, they may think “Oh, now I can go clubbing”, “Now I can hang out with so and so, and try xyz”. Imagine if one of us were the reason for this. And imagine that the person dies upon a disobedient lifestyle before they were ready to wear the hijab properly. 

– This brings me to my next point. You can never feel 100% Ready. The shaytan will whisper to you day in day out. Unless you consciously shut that down and take action, it will not go away, or, rather it will not lessen. I’m yet to hear a hijab story of someone who felt completely ready and not scared or nervous when they decided to put on the hijab. 

– Everyone is on a different level of iman. Their ‘half’ hijab may be more pleasing to Allah swt than our ‘full’ hijab. How? Their struggle to hold onto their hijab may be the greatest struggle they are going through, but they are not taking it off purely for the sake of Allah. And our arrogance and judgement may ruin our intentions and relationship with Allah swt. 

– The idea of all or nothing, it doesn’t work. We should be constantly making improvements- furthering our knowledge and practices. We are all struggling in one way or another. Your dress code may be your struggle, yet mine may be envy- the only difference is yours can be physically seen- available for everyone to judge, and mine can’t. 

– If you’re going to give advice, please do it out of love. Speak gently, and show your concern. You’re advising them because you want to be their neighbour in Jannah. There is no need to be harsh. Most of us know what we are doing wrong. Approaching a sister harshly is not going to do anyone any good. Again, it all comes down to different struggles. How about if she is a revert, or if she just put the hijab on a week ago- are you going to discourage that? It takes time, support and knowledge to eventually cover up more and more. 

– At the end of the day, we all sin. Judging someone for sinning differently is not a trait we should have. 

I don’t want to cause a debate or heated discussion, because let’s be honest, a lot of people have a lot to say on this topic. I just wanted to spark a thought, make excuses for your brothers and sisters in Islam. Their struggle today may be our struggle tomorrow. And let’s leave the judging to the Judge Himself swt. 



I need to keep reminding myself to take things one day at a time. Life gets so overwhelming, it becomes easy to freak out and be in panic mode all the time. 

Constant anxiety. 

Stop, just for a moment and obvserve everything around you. Take in the trees, the fresh air. Listen to a Qur’an recitation- breathe. Everything is going to be okay inshaaAllah. 

Is the thing I’m stressing over going to matter in 5 years time? Probably not. 

I may not even be here this time next year, or next month or next week. Allah knows. I may not to even get to see the things that I’m stressing over. 

Take it one day at a time. And enjoy the journey. 


No home

Picture this.

You wake up.

The house is empty.

No family.

No furniture.

The floor you used to walk on is no longer there.

The couch you used to sit on- disappeared.

The kitchen you used to eat in- destroyed.

Your room is upside down- unrecognizable.

You don’t know how you made it alive.

And people tell you that you are not worthy of receiving any help.

They don’t want you to have shelter.

Greedy people- worried about their economy.

But they already have everything. Family. Income. Health. Wealth. Shelter. Everything.

When peoples hearts are diseased, they want everyone to go down.

Just so that can have more to themselves.


The world is full of contradictions.

People who make promises, but never fulfill them.

Much of the world is dying in starvation yet the billionaires don’t know what to do with their money.

Homeless people everywhere. Yet the government insists on building million dollar useless structures.

Refugees living in inhumane conditions, so much free land but no one wants to let them in.

It’s all about revenue.

All about the money.

What happens if you were to die today. Whether you’re a believer in religion or not. What legacy did you leave behind if you weren’t a good person?

*I’ve been hearing so many stories of people losing their homes lately. Refugees having to flee from their war torn countries. The Muslims being tortured in Myanmar. The people affected by the hurricanes and tornados. The world is a crazy place. We need to support each other, that’s all.


The thing about hardships is that we know it’s inevitable. We know the reason for our creation. We know that this life will consist of tests. Some of them will come in the form of ease, and some will come in the form of severe difficulty.

Our ultimate goal is Jannah. And to reach that, we pray 5 times a day, we fast, give charity etc. When we perform these acts of worship, we know why we are doing them. However, when it comes to hardship, we forget that this is also a means of getting close to our Creator and attaining His pleasure, essentially leading us to Jannah inshaaAllah.

It’s easy to forget our true purpose and the reason behind tests. But to mentally and spiritually survive these tests, we need to constantly remind ourselves that hardship and ease is there for our benefit. If we make it through a hardship being grateful to Allah swt then we have succeeded.

When we are tested with ease we don’t bat an eye. We don’t thank Allah swt for all the amazing blessings He provides us with daily. So why do we lose hope when we are tested with hardship?

Blessing in disguise

I think sometimes Allah swt wants to remind us that this world is temporary. That we need to detach ourselves from the pleasures of this world, and remember our true purpose. Sometimes the reminder comes in a hardship that you don’t think you will ever be able to overcome. But Allah does not burden us more than we can bare. And we know this, we know it so well, but we struggle to comprehend it. Whether we understand it today or not, whether we can see through the light through the tunnel or not is completely irrelevant. All we need to know and understand is that what ever has happened has happened for a reason. And that He will take care of you. All you need to do is ask. And maybe that’s another thing, maybe we’ve slacked off so much since Ramadan that Allah swt just wants us to call out to Him again, and worship Him the way we did when things weren’t so great. Forgetting our purpose in life is worse than anything I can ever think of. So maybe this hardship is not the worst thing that can happen to me right now. Maybe I need to start putting my full trust in Allah swt so that He may be pleased with me and grant me a place better than this world and everything in it.

A depressing poem

Feeling down

Why this Now? 

Don’t know what it is 

Don’t know if I can handle it.

How can I feel so lonely 

When I’m surrounded by people that love me

Or so I think 

This feeling better be over quick. 

How can it be

Maybe they don’t love or appreciate me 

Put downs, 

I enter and see frowns

No greetings of peace, 

Is this how things should be? 

I don’t have the energy 

To put it simply

I cannot be bothered 

Trying to make you happy, almost impossible. 

So forget me, 

Walk away quickly

I don’t want to feel this way 

Maybe I’m feeling edgy cause it’s late  

Maybe you should just leave

Before things get harder

There is no more laughter.

Not many people will believe, 

How harsh you’ve been to me. 

You’re so nice to the others, 

Why am I the only one that doesn’t cut it

I’ve shown you so much goodness 

You kick me to the kerb as if I’m useless

Stranded outside now dear 

How did we get here 

Now things are a mess 

As usual, I’m to blame for this. 


We feel sorry for the blind,

Yet we cannot see.
They have no sight,
But we are the ones blinded from this worlds’ beauty.

We sympathise with those who have no sense of hearing.
But we are reminded over and over again, and we do nothing.
How about those who have no speech,
Are we grateful for the blessings we reap?

Don’t feel sorry for the one who doesn’t have one of these abilities
They cannot see or hear the injustice that we commit daily.

It is true that we can be deaf, dumb and blind
Even though we see, hear and speak.

“Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path].” -Baqarah v18

“The lightning almost snatches away their sight. Every time it lights [the way] for them, they walk therein; but when darkness comes over them, they stand [still]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken away their hearing and their sight. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.” -Baqarah v20

Hospital bed

Seeing you like this,

So hard. 

I’m struggling to write, 

No matter how much I try

I cannot put into words, 

How much it hurts. 

I can only pray that things get better, 

But it’ll take time, patience and never 

To lose hope.

If my Lord, the all Powerful, Al-Jabbar

Can send his messenger far 

From Masjid Al Haram to Masjid Al Aqsa 

Through the heavens and back to Makkah

Then He can surely cure you if He wills. 

And if my Lord the Most Merciful, 

Can grant His servant Zakariah 

Whose bones were weak and frail

Grant him a child when he asked for a successor 

Even though his wife was barren, 

By the Will of my Lord, anything can happen. 

And how about when our mother Maryam

Had a baby without a man 

Her son became one of the most noble 

Prophets to walk this globe.

So do not despair 

Allah will take care of your affairs.

And for Musa, He split the sea in two, 

If only you knew

Maybe your health will be restored

And it is easy for My Lord 

To simply say “Be” and it is.

There is nothing He cannot fix.

~Seeing my grandpa in the hospital the way he is, he’s not himself. He’s usually so strong and tough. Now he’s weak, sore, and struggles to move. He usually has a very loud voice, and now we can barely hear him due the cords damaging his insides. He’s hallucinating due to the stroke, explaining events that never took place. The pain to see him like that is one thing, but to see my grandmother upset and hurting is a whole nother story. It just reminds you how temporary this life is. SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Please keep him in your duas as well as all the other sick people in the hospital and at home. May Allah swt heal all the sick and grant their families Sabrine jameel. Ameen.

Darkness to light 

Ughh this couldn’t be written any better. I was once at a friend’s house, and one of her friends’ was saying exactly this ‘good men are for good women’. And she was talking about how if someone has had a bad past then they’re not going to marry, or rather they’re not worthy of marrying someone who has been ‘good’ all along. 

Another friend tried to get her to understand the other side, and suggested that if someone has repented then it’s not up to us to decide whether they are a ‘good’ woman or not. However, she kept rebutting with this verse that says good men are for good women. 

For someone like me who has come from darkness into light (inshaaAllah), it was really, and I mean really hurtful and agitating to sit there and listen to someone basically say that you don’t deserve a good brother because of your past. 

Despite my frustration, I stayed quiet. Because 1. The other sister already explained to her exactly what I was thinking and she didn’t understand and 2. There is no point arguing with people when they only see things in black and white. 

This sister grew up quite religious you could say, and I guess despite her age she is quite naive to the world beyond hers. She even went the extent of saying ‘imagine marrying someone knowing they’ve kissed another woman on the cheek’. I Thought, woah, you’re living in a bubble! Now I’m not belittling the sin, I’m just trying to point out that a lot of people, including Muslims have done a lot more than that but have repented and completely changed their lifestyle. This includes reverts, your everyday Muslims, AND shaykhs, does this mean that they are not deserving of a good person because they haven’t been practicing their whole life, and who are we to make that call?

Look at the sahabah for example. Some of them were into drinking, gambling, zina, and yet when they repented and turned their life around, some of them were promised Jannah. Are you better than them? 

It’s not how you begin, it’s about how you end your life that counts. 

You can probably tell by the way I’ve written this that I’m still so frustrated about what she said, and this was probably 8 months ago. 

It is not up to us to decide whether someone is a ‘good’ man or woman, only Allah swt is the Judge of that. Especially if they have had a past, if Allah has forgiven them, then who are we to say anything? 

May Allah swt guide us all to the straight path. May He soften our hearts and forgive us for being harsh. May He pull us out of ignorance and direct us to correct knowledge and thinking. Ameen.

Feeling abandoned

And just like that, you have left us again

Year after year, out into the wilderness you descend,
Before we could taste the sweetness of your presence.
I pray that our deeds are of acceptance.
How dear you are to me,
Seeing you again, I have no guarantee.
Many of us reach the height of worship when you’re around,
Only to fall back to our bad habits once shawwal comes round.

The fastness of this month should be a reminder to you and I,
About how fast this life goes by.
Before you know it, we’ll be standing in front of our Lord
Answering questions about this life we adored.
How were our daily prayers,
Our speech and our manners.
Were we kind, generous and helpful.
Or did we make life difficult for people.
How did we spend our wealth and youth.
Did we spend our time in worship or at play.
These are things that will be asked on that day.
Are we still not ready to make a change?